Additional resources

Mary Roach talks about Gulp on npr. Listen here.

Learn more about the author, listen to interviews about her life and past books, and check out future appearances at Mary Roach’s webpage.

Past Book: A Primate’s Memoir

Listen to our Author

Robert_Sapolsky no 2

Sapolsky Speaks! What does our author have to say now, many years after his youthful sojourn in Kenya? Check out this recorded lecture, given as part of a California Academy of Sciences lecture series. Sapolsky asks, “Are Humans Just Another Primate?”

What REALLY Happens Out There? UCD Researcher Tales

Screen Shot 2013-02-25 at 10.38.36 AM

Of I’ve Been Gone Far Too Long: Field Study Fiascoes and Expedition DisastersGoodReads cites, “these are gems from the field, horror stories written by 21 anthropologists, botanists, and biologists. There are some reports on the well known, such as Kelly Stewart’s memory of Dian Fossey packing a pistol in a fruitcake as she crossed into Rwanda. The dominant and disarming truth that reigns in this utterly delightful volume? “Almost every exciting bush story I have ever heard or experienced,” cites one contributor, “has been due to the protagonist’s stupidity.”

Copies of this humorous “read” are available at the UC Davis campus library, as well as through local booksellers!

NPR’s Radiolab: “Animal Minds” and “Wild Talk”

Screen Shot 2013-02-25 at 10.35.45 AM

Can communication with their study organisms save researchers’ lives? In these excellent Radiolab episodes, we visit the field sites of biologists breaking down the boundaries of non-human language, and hear the moving account of divers’ interaction with a whale saying “thank-you”.


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