Here is a Human Being, by Misha Angrist

Past Book: 

Misha Angrist was among the first humans to have his complete genome decoded. His book, Here is a Human Being, details many of the personal and public policy issues created by human DNA research such as the possibility of predicting and treating genetic disorders, the commercialization of DNA-based treatments and property/privacy rights related to personal DNA information.

Here is the official media release:

Here is a review of the book.

And of course,  Misha’s Blog:

Discussion Handouts

Although we encourage everyone to read the book, we understand that some people may not be able to.  We are structuring the discussions so that everyone can participate regardless.  Here is the handout we will be using, it has excerpts from the books to spark conversation.

BigReadDiscussionParagraphs (pdf)

BigReadDiscussionParagraphs (doc)

We also prepared a short handout describing the basics of of “Genotype to Phenotype Mapping”.




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