First Big Read tomorrow!

We are all very excited to begin our discussions of A Primate’s Memoir tomorrow, at our local Davis library! For further reading and ruminating before and/or after the Big Read events,  check out our new additions in the “Additional Resources” tab above. We have added some new links, including:

  • How do other biologists relate to their experiences in prolonged field work? UC Davis researchers have compiled an anthology of just such tales.
  • Sapolsky speaks! Watch a video of this enigmatic lecturer speaking to the differences and similarities between non-human primates and humans.
  • Cross-species conversations? With careful observation, our author begins to understand the unique “language” of the baboons; can we push this boundary further, into inter-species communication? The work of varied biologists – and the fabulous documentation of NPR’s Radiolab series – put this query to the test.
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