Discussion Starter

Hey science readers, this is an update to let you know that the next discussion book, A Primate’s Memoir by Robert Sapolsky, is now available in Yolo County libraries.  Feel free to post your thoughts and questions in the comments section at the bottom of the “About the Book” page as you read the book – we may use some of your comments to help frame our discussions this winter.

Here’s a topic to get you started:  What is the strangest animal behavior you have ever witnessed, and why do you think it occurred?

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One Response to Discussion Starter

  1. Jay Johnstone says:

    Near Santa Fe, NM we discovered a fox which had been killed by a vehicle on the interstate. The next day another fox, alive, was near the body, and there again the next day. We tried feeding it but it wouldn’t eat and wouldn’t leave. On the third day that fox was also dead. It seemed like the second fox could have been a grieving mate. Is that love or something else?

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